How to pick the right butcher paper for sublimation crafts

How to pick the right butcher paper for sublimation crafts

Butcher paper is specifically designed for sublimation, as it has several properties that make it well-suited for this process. Before you invest in butcher paper, make sure it has these 6 key characteristics -- 

  1. High polyester content: Butcher paper has a high polyester content, typically between 60-80%. Polyester fibers in the paper allow the ink to bond with the fibers and become a part of the paper, creating a permanent image.

  2. White color: A bright white color is important for ensuring that the colors of the image are vibrant and accurate.

  3. Smooth surface: A smooth surface is important for ensuring that the ink is evenly distributed and does not bleed or smudge during the sublimation process.

  4. High absorbency: Butcher paper is able to absorb the ink well and prevent any smudging or bleeding during the process.

  5. Durable: The butcher paper is durable enough to withstand the high temperatures and pressure of the heat press without tearing or wrinkling.

  6. Consistency: Butcher paper has a consistent thickness and weight throughout the roll, which ensures that the images printed on it will be uniform in size and quality.

The use of other papers can affect the final product, as they may not have the right properties to withstand the process or the right percentage of polyester fibers to make the image permanent, therefore butcher paper is the best option for sublimation.

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