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Welcome Crafters!

Say goodbye to the hassle of heavy butcher paper rolls, never-ending cutting, and messy craft rooms.

Say hello to Precut Butcher Paper!

It's your crafting BFF, cut perfectly to fit sublimation blanks, heat press crafts and heat transfer vinyl (HTV), etc.

Our paper will keep keep your designs crisp, prevent ink from bleeding on to your machine and between layers -- it also makes crafting stress-free! 🌟

We started with mug paper and expanded to all kinds of crafts! Check out our full line.


Precut Butcher Paper for Sublimation & Heat Press Crafts

If you've ever tried heat pressing a mug or working with quirky-size sublimation crafts, you know the process of using butcher paper can be tedious. All that cutting, endless trimming, wasted paper is an annoying hassle, but a must if you want to protect your press and keep your images crisp.

With Precut Paper, you simply grab precut sheets and you're done! Plus, our ultra thin packs fits in any drawer & are whisper quiet so you can craft anytime!

Thank you for checking us out and supporting our small business. We are the original precut butcher paper company and the only company that makes custom-sized butcher paper sheets. We cut and pack all orders in-house and your support is truly appreciated.

  • butcher paper for sublimation

    No cutting. No endless trimming. No wasted paper. Simply grab sheets & place around craft.

  • butcher paper for sublimation

    Fasten down with heat-resistant tape.

  • butcher paper for sublimation

    That's it! Heat press as usual. No fuss, no mess! Reuse if no ink spots & recycle paper when done.

The Precut Paper® Difference

Easy & Convenient

Our paper is precut and craft-ready sheets. No Measuring. No Cutting. No Waste. No Hassle

Great for crafters of all levels, skills and ability.

Available in packs of 50, 100 & 200 precut and craft-ready sheets. Ultra slim, resealable packs fit in any drawer and are whisper-quiet — so you can sublimate at any time! 

Best of all, no paper scraps to clean up after a hard day of crafting.

Protects Your Machine

Precut Paper® keeps your heat press, mug press and protective mats clean from ink blowout which can ruin your tool and can be expensive to replace. With Precut Paper®, you'll have peace of mind that your "baby" is safe and your designs are crisp!

Made for Heat

Precut Paper withstands heat up to 400 degrees and captures excess moisture released during transfer to ensure crisp images. This is why butcher paper is so important in sublimation. Gas has a mind of its own -- once released, it will find it's way to stick to your machine if you don't use butcher paper to protect it.

Quality You Can Trust

Our butcher paper is bright a white, smooth, heavy-weight (40 lb), uncoated butcher paper which is the type of paper all heat press manufacturers recommend. Our paper is proudly made in America. So you know you're getting high quality paper.

Lightweight & Whisper Quiet

With our paper, you can say goodbye to heavy butcher paper rolls, giant butcher paper sheets with half the paper wasted and the annoying sound of paper cutting.

And endless trimming!

Our resealable paper packs fit in any drawer and are super quiet so you can heat press anytime (yes, any time of day!).


Unlike most coated papers, our Precut Paper® can be recycled. If you don’t see any ink on sheets, you can reuse. Only use what you need. 

Try Custom-Cut Butcher Paper for Tumblers...

Available in most sizes (e.g., 12 oz, 16 oz, 20 oz & 30 oz)

Precut Butcher Paper for Crafts...

Cut perfectly for phone cases, oven mitts, keychains, t-shirts, coasters & more!

butcher paper for sublimation crafts keychains, mugs, tumblers

Our Story...

If you've ever tried heat pressing a mug, you know the process can be tedious. Wrapping each mug with three layers of perfectly snug butcher paper can be an annoying hassle. The endless cutting, trimming and wasted paper took the fun out of sublimation. After our first large batch of mugs, we looked around at the mess and how much time we wasted and realized there had to be a better way.

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