Our Story

Butcher paper for sublimation

 Welcome to Precut Paper!

Precut Paper® butcher paper was created by and for crafters... like you! As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and necessity was definitely why we created Precut Paper®.

If you've ever tried heat pressing a mug, you know the process can be tedious. Wrapping each mug with three layers of perfectly snug butcher paper can be an annoying hassle. The endless cutting, trimming and wasted paper took the fun out of sublimation. After our first large batch of mugs, we looked around at the mess and how much time we wasted and realized there had to be a better way.

So on our next batch of mugs, we precut our own butcher paper -- and WOW, it actually made the craft fun! We sublimated in half the time, clean up was easy and we didn't spend a second cutting paper.

So we bought a commercial grade cutter off craigslist and started making our paper in bulk to save time and realized this could totally revolutionize sublimation -- just like when I was a kid and my mom who was a hairstylist started using precut aluminum foil. It was an ah ha moment! And that's how Precut Paper® was created.

Launched in 2022, Precut Paper® is the first specialty paper company to precut butcher paper to fit sublimation blanks (e.g., mugs, tumblers, keychains, etc.) perfectly. We're also the first company to make custom butcher paper - for when you need that perfect size. We ship quickly (usually same day) -- and even internationally (hello to our customers in New Zealand, Canada and Puerto Rico).

Thank you for checking us out!  We hope you give us a try. We're also open to feedback or ideas for more paper sizes. Email us at hello@precutpaper.com anytime! 

- Babette, Founder, Precut Paper 

Women-Owned * Proudly Made in America * By and For Crafters