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Precut Paper

Precut Butcher Paper Sheets for Sublimation & Heat Press Crafts, (12 in x 12 in), White, Uncoated

Precut Butcher Paper Sheets for Sublimation & Heat Press Crafts, (12 in x 12 in), White, Uncoated

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Precut Paper® makes sublimation & heat press crafting a breeze -- no cutting, no trimming, no wasted paper, and best of all no hassle. Each sheet of smooth, white, uncoated, heavy-weight (40 lb) butcher paper is precut to fit sublimation blanks perfectly. With Precut Paper®, you’ll save time, have more fun, and never have to deal with heavy butcher paper rolls again.

PAPER SIZE:  12 in x 12 in sheets. Available in packs of 50, 100 & 200 sheets.

Precut Paper® is...

  • the original precut butcher paper for sublimation & heat press crafts (don't be fooled by imitation and copycat products -- we're the only one made in America)
  • convenient, precut, craft-ready & easy to use for all ages and ability
  • comes in a resealable, ultra-slim pack - fits in any drawer
  • made for high heat (up to 400 degrees)
  • sustainable (can be recycled)
  • whisper quiet (heat press any time of day)
  • works with all heat presses (Cricut, Siser, HTVRONT, PYD Life, Dododum, etc.)
  • proudly made in America & woman-owned
  • by crafters for crafters

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The Precut Difference

High-Quality Paper - Smooth, heavy-weight (40 lb), uncoated butcher paper

Works with High Heat (up to 400 degrees) - protects your heat press, sublimation blank, and heat mat against ink burns. Captures excess moisture released during transfer to ensure crisp images.

It's Convenient - Precut, craft-ready sheets, whisper-quiet, slim packs fit in any drawer.

Saves Time & Money - You'll sublimate and heat press in half the time. Cleanup is a breeze. Available in packs of 50, 100 and 200 sheets -- so only use what you need.

Why is butcher paper so important?

Ink burns can ruin your heat-press, mug press and sublimation blanks. When heated, ink turns into gas and if you don't lock it in with butcher paper, your images will be fuzzy and ink will get all over your heat press which is impossible to clean. That's why all heat press manufacturers recommend using butcher paper every time you sublimate.

Many crafters wonder if parchment paper will work... no it will not. You must only use white, uncoated butcher paper when sublimating.

Thinking about using sublimation shrink wrap sleeves? You'll need a heat gun to use them, they make a mess and are terrible for the environment.

How to Use Precut Paper

For Mugs & Tumblers:

Our precut butcher paper works with all heat press machines including Cricut Mug Press and handheld heat presses. After you wrap your sublimation design around your sublimation blank, wrap one sheet of butcher paper for infusible ink designs and up to three sheets for sublimation designs around mug. Fasten down with heat resistant tape.

For Flat Crafts: (e.g., keychains, etc)

After you fasten sublimation design to sublimation blank, place one sheet of butcher paper on heat press mat. Then place sublimation blank with sublimation image facing up. Then place one more sheet of butcher paper on top of blank. Heat press as usual.

Can you reuse paper?

Yes, if there's no ink on a sheet, you may reuse it. If you see any ink on paper, do not reuse. That ink will transfer to heat press or your sublimation blank once heated up again.


Our paper is uncoated, which means it can be recycled. In addition, our pre-cut paper reduces waste by ensuring you use only the paper you need. 

If you don't see any ink on sheets, you may reuse.

Shipping & Returns

Fast Shipping

Each Precut Paper pack is shipped within 2 days of placing your order (usually same day or next day). Weekend orders ship out on Monday) via USPS or UPS.

The day the pack ships, you will receive an email with a unique tracking link.


We understand things happen. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, reach out to us so we can discuss at

Rest assured, full packages (with all paper inside) will be refunded if returned within 30 days. 

If you've used some of the paper, please email us at so we can discuss. 

Shipping costs will not be refunded. Customers are responsible for shipping returns back to us.  

If you purchased through our Amazon, Etsy or Walmart stores, please use those platforms to communicate with us so we can track your order. Thanks!

Need a custom sized butcher paper or not sure what size to get?

Check out our custom butcher paper. You tell us what size you need and we'll make it! We'll even add your name to the package so you know it's freshly made.

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