Precut Paper® Launches the First Pre-cut Butcher Paper for Sublimation and Heat Press Crafts

Precut Butcher Paper for Sublimation


Sublimation and heat press printing enables crafters to create personalized mugs and all sorts of fun and useful gift items. There’s just one nagging problem… properly sizing the butcher paper needed to protect presses and prevent designs from winding up fuzzy. Measuring and cutting big rolls or sheets of butcher paper to the right size can be a time-consuming hassle and a wasteful mess.

Enter Precut Paper® — the first butcher paper available in a variety of craft-ready sizes for sublimation and heat press printing. There is no cutting (or seemingly endless trimming) to get the perfect size, and there’s no waste. And unlike most coated butcher papers, Precut Paper can be recycled.

Precut Paper comes in sizes for large mugs (15 oz), small mugs (11 and 12 oz), Cricut stackable mugs (10 oz) and other small craft sizes for sublimating items such as coasters, phone cases, keychains and ornaments, etc. Packs are sold in 50, 100 and 200 sheet quantities.

“Necessity is the mother of invention, and as avid crafters we were in need of an alternative to the dreaded process of cutting rolls and big sheets of butcher paper to the right size,” said Precut Paper Founder Babette Pepaj. “Our goal is to eliminate the hassle so crafters can focus on being creative and having fun.”

Precut Paper’s professional-grade 40-pound butcher paper is super smooth and slides easily into any press. It withstands temperatures up to 400 degrees to protect equipment from blowouts and stains. It also absorbs excess ink and moisture to ensure clean, crisp designs (i.e., prevent “ghosting”).

Other butcher papers marketed as “precut” simply come in large, standard-sized sheets that still must be cut to the right size for mugs and other craft items. In contrast, Precut Paper comes in six craft-ready sizes that provide the perfect size every time with no cutting and unwanted scraps. And unlike heavy rolls and large standardized sheets, Precut Paper fits neatly into a drawer for storage.

“Whether you have to trim a little or a lot, cutting butcher paper isn’t any fun,” Pepaj added. “With Precut Paper, crafters at every level can avoid the nuisance, while the people around them can be spared the unpleasant sound of cutting and wrangling heavy paper.”

Sublimation and heat press crafting is a growing hobby for people from all walks of life, as well as a popular side hustle for entrepreneurial crafters who want to sell their creations. Whatever the goal, Precut Paper helps streamline the process and make it more efficient.

Precut Paper works with all popular heat presses, including Cricut, StarCraft, TUSY, Fancier Studio, GeoKnight, Siser, WalaPress, HotTronix, HTVRONT, PYD Life, Dododum, Royal Press and Nurxiovo.

Available in six convenient pre-cut sizes:

  • 10 oz Stackable Mugs
  • 11oz/12 oz Small Mugs
  • 15 oz Large Mugs
  • Small Crafts (keychains)
  • Medium Crafts (magnets, etc)
  • Large Crafts (iphone cases, etc)
  • NEW! X-Large Crafts (square and circle coasters)
  • NEW! Tumblers (16, 20, 30 oz sizes)
  • NEW! Oven Mitts (round, square and hand)

        Precut paper is made in the USA. It is available at, Amazon, Walmart and on Etsy, with more online shopping options on the way.

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